Refund Policy


A deposit may be charged at the time of booking. We will request the remaining balance at our discretion. This may be on the day of your booking, before your booking or after your booking. If booked in short notice then the full balance is to be paid at the time of booking.


The full fare plus any additional charges will be accessed to the client’s credit card if the client does not show up at the pre-arranged pick-up date and location. If you cannot find your chauffeur, call us.  Leaving without calling will be considered a No-Show, and you will be charged the full fare.

We will make every effort to follow the client’s schedule. We are not responsible for client’s flights that are diverted, delayed, missed, cancelled, or any other incident which results in a No-Show.  If you (the client) find yourself in these circumstances, please email or call us immediately as soon as you find out, so that we can re-schedule or charge for the wait time, parking, etc.   If you do not inform us under these circumstances, again you will be charged the full amount.


We know more than most that cancellations happen and things change. Please contact us at your earliest convenience. We reserve the right to charge you a portion of your fare, which will be dependant on the details of the booking and the time between the cancellation and your agreed pick up date. We will refund the remaining amount if you have paid in advance. If you have paid a deposit this will not be returned.